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About Us

Muesliikon is a healthy food company founded by an Immigration Lawyer named Lelia Adams Essien (http://immigrationlawyeraz.com/lelia-adams-essien/ ). Muesliikon maker of a delicious and unique blend of muesli. The founder of Muesliikon, Lelia is someone who has struggled with her weight most of her life and one of her first breakthrough in losing weight occurred when she first had muesli at Oxford University, United Kingdom. When Lelia was in Law school she participated in an international program at Oxford University where she studied The Law of Restitution and Common law. During her stay at Oxford University, Lelia discovered muesli and ate muesli every day for breakfast. She eventually noticed that she had lost some weight by the time the law program was over.
Low Sugar Snack Recipes
Upon returning to the U.S. it was a shock for her that muesli was not readily available at most supermarkets like it was in England. Also Lelia noticed that people in England were slimmer and the food options were healthier. Unfortunately, this was not the case in America with sugary food everywhere and obesity on the rise. After searching for muesli at grocery stores and not finding a good one, Lelia started making her own version of muesli which she shared with her law school buddies and law school professors. Lelia later graduated from Law school and started her career as Juvenile Delinquency and Dependency Lawyer. Not once did she imagine that one day she will form a company dedicated to making a healthy muesli cereal now known as Muesliikon.

Lelia later relocated to Arizona and worked as a lawyer in the Area of Immigration Law. She also continued to make muesli for her family and friends. It was through family and friends that other people discovered that she made a great product. As the word continued to spread about Lelia’s muesli people started paying her to make it for them and as a result, Lelia eventually decided to test the market with her product. The response from the market was great and Muesliikon was born! 

Most people do not like the taste of healthy food, but with Muesliikon you will enjoy a delicious meal without sacrificing taste. Lelia is someone who struggled with her weight (see pictures above and below) and one of the reasons she struggled was because she did not enjoy the taste of healthy food. When she created Muesliikon, she ensured that it was delicious because healthy food should not taste like punishment it should be enjoyed. Additionally, she uses only the best ingredients in her product (see ingredient page) such as Organic Rolled Oats, Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Almonds and other amazing ingredients. Lelia has created a versatile brand of muesli that does not require hours of soaking commonly required in other types of muesli prior to eating. Muesli by Muesliikon can be eaten as cold cereal with almond milk or any milk of your choice, it can be eaten hot as oat meal, it makes for a great snack, it is a great substitute for croutons on salad and it is great for parfait with yogurt

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