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Ask About Our Wholesale Pricing

Muesliikon’s Wholesale Program allows you to purchase our unique, healthy and tasty products  at a discount and sell them to your customers or clients.  If you are in the healthy & wellness industry, fitness this is going to be a great program for you to supplement your income and offer a great product to your clients.

Is there a minimum I have to order?

We have a minimum  amount and have “terms” to be followed when we grant wholesale account. Due to the fact that we give a high discount rate for wholesale our policy and terms is put in place to ensure that  wholesalers are actually selling our products instead of using them for themselves.

What type of people we look forward to doing business with:

  • Health food stores
  • Juice Bars
  • Fitness, Health, and Wellness Centers
  • Companies actively working towards encouraging a healthy lifestyle for their employees
  • Nutritionist

What products are available for resale?

Our 7 & 16 Oz Vigor, Vigor de Cocoa and Original Mix are available for resale .

How do I get started?

Email sales@muesliikon.com  or call us today at 888-692-3111 (8am-5pm MST Mon-Fri)

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